Based in Sydney, Australia, we write, produce and continually aspire to create entertainment that reconnects our audiences with what really matters and send them back out into the world feeling inspiration and hope.

We are passionate about creating works of substance, motivated by heart and supporting other humans to contribute their unique gifts to help re-harmonise our societies. Connection, fellowship and a determination to focus on our solutions drives us to 'pay it forward' - with one of our big goals being to establish places that can provide shelter, food and water for the homeless and provide transformational education enabling individuals to express their unique gifts in this world.

It is important to us to do business differently ... using love based foundations of collaboration, support and the common ground of passion for a higher purpose; Working together so every person involved thrives, the business thrives AND the most engaging outcomes are produced - whether it be film, writing, music or art. This is creating 'magic'!

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