Lisa is an Writer, Producer and Emotions Practitioner. She has a Degree in Economics, a Bachelor of Education Studies and a Diploma of Production Management.

Lisa has co-written, with partner Stace, the full feature film, “Lennox”, which is moving towards pre-production and the non-fiction "Emotional Awakening”, which was well received at the Byron Bay Writers Festival, 2016 and is currently being translated into Chinese for global distribution. Her expertise in accounting and the management of small - medium businesses, some of which were her own, has formed an integral foundation for her work as a Producer on the film, Lennox. With the belief that the visual images and the stories we tell are powerful ways we can shape our societies, she is passionate about creating insightful and highly entertaining mediums that inspire new solutions and faith in our common humanity. Currently Lisa is writing a Fiction novel, a scripted TV series and planning (in her head), an unscripted talk show series.

Lisa is an engaging public speaker, sharing on the practical actions and strategies that offer solutions to empower people in their own lives - building an alternative foundation for relationships that ensures growing peace, harmony, connection and support, within our families, our working lives and our communities. As an Emotions Practitioner she supports individuals in private consultations, facilitates local empowerment groups and workshops for couples, men, women and teens.

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